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Sam Osborne

Oxford, UK

Sam Osborne: Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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Sam Osborne: Illustrator & Graphic Designer

My work plays heavily on colour and imagination and I love to use simple shapes, colours and textures to communicate messages, stories, personalities and emotions.

When I’m not designing I like to cook, get outdoors either running or walking, ride my bright yellow bicycle, visit an art gallery or go and see a gig – the louder and more guitary the better. I try to get to a couple of rugby matches and some motorsport during the year and love a pub quiz. In many ways I was born in the wrong era – I love, and am influenced by, second hand books, mid-century ceramics, colourful 1960s melamine and I often watch old sci-fi movies while I work, Destination Moon is one of my favourites, look it up, you’ll love it!